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Club Team Coaches

U-20 Boys: Gold Rush

Manisha "Slap" Daryani

Slap has coached Gold Rush since its inception in 2018. She previously coached at the college level for seven years, as head coach of the UC Davis and UC Berkeley women’s teams. A UCSD alum, Slap played in the elite club division for 17 years before retiring in 2019 to coach full time.  She currently also coaches the local mixed’s club team, Polar Bears, and is co-founder and head coach of the local women’s pro team, the Falcons.

Manisha Headshot.jpg

Elijah "Eli" Kerns

Eli is returning for his fourth year with Gold Rush. In the inaugural Gold Rush season he served as an assistant coach, and is now a co-coach. He previously served as head coach for the UC Davis men’s team in addition to helping run local youth clinics throughout the Bay Area. Eli is a product of the Bay Area youth scene himself, notching several state championship wins with Alameda Dark Meat before winning national championships with Polar Bears in the Club Mixed division and Revolver in the Open division, respectively.

Eli Headshot.png

Caleb Merriam

Caleb returns to Gold Rush for the second year after working with the team last year.  Caleb began playing Ultimate in 10th grade in D.C. and has played Ultimate ever since.  He played in the college division at Cal Poly and is currently playing on the local club team, Revolver. His previous coaching experience includes Cal Poly, where he coached from 2019-2021, and Red Dawn, who he coached in 2022. 


U-20 Girls: Cali Roll

Lindi Sabloff

Lindi began coaching girls high school ultimate in 2008 by helping found the Radnor High School Girls team outside of Philadelphia. Upon arriving in the Bay Area she was recruited to help found and coach California Roll, which at that time was the sole girls team in the Bay Area (thankfully that's changed!). She has helped transform Cali Roll into a competitive traveling team while continuing to foster its inclusive-ness. Her primary focus is building individual skills and sewing them into the fabric of a team.


Anne Marie "Puma" Gordon

Puma began playing ultimate frisbee while teaching middle and high school in the Dominican Republic. She got her first taste of coaching by running an after-school ultimate frisbee team for her students. A few years later, she moved to California for graduate school and played for Stanford Superfly, as well as on several club teams over the past few years. Anne Marie joined as a Cali Roll coach in 2017-18.

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