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BUYA Aiden and Efe

Why do we wear the numbers 10 and 47 on our jersey sleeves?

The numbers pay tribute to two young YCC players from the Bay Area who passed away and whose team spirit and camaraderie will be remembered.

Efejon Ustenci | #10

August 3, 1998 - June 22, 2016 

Berkeley High School Class of 2016

YCC teams: Aftershock, Red Dawn

Efejon, affectionately known as “Efe,” was a team leader, friend, and mentor. He was an astounding athlete, playing both rugby and Ultimate in high school. Efe was a player who wore his emotions proudly, and was an intense and inspiring young man. Efe celebrated great plays, both his teammates' and his own, he would cry in the face of difficult defeats, and he was unafraid to call out his teammates and demand from them the work ethic and integrity that he exemplified. Efe was also the first to congratulate an opponent on exceptional play, was a player who always listened to and acted upon advice from any source, and was among the first to notice a shy freshman who needed a throwing buddy and make a new friend. Efe embodied Spirit of the Game. 


Efe’s compassion and enthusiasm for Ultimate are with us on the field in every game. 


Donations to assist players traveling to YCC can be made in Efe’s honor at: 

Aidan Price | #47

July 7, 2001- June 20, 2021

Berkeley High School Class of 2019, Carleton College Ultimate Team (CUT)

YCC:  Aftershock (2016, 2017) , Red Dawn (2018, 2019) 

Club: Gold Rush (2018-2019), Oak (2018)

Price leading Red Dawn cheer -


Aidan was the heart of every team he played on. He mastered long beautiful angular forehand hucks over a lifetime of throwing a disc - starting on the sidelines of his parents' games as a toddler. Aidan’s calm, steady presence, love of strategy, and ability to see the whole field made him a natural center handler.  But his real gift was his unbreakable commitment to his teammates and spirit of the game. Aidan knew just when to pump up the team with wild and wacky (and loud) cheers and when to envelope someone in a massive bear hug. His confidence, love, and enthusiasm made you believe in yourself. His unlikely combination of creative fun and focused commitment helped his teammates achieve incredible success together, win or lose. 


Aidan’s love and spirit of the game are with all of us on the line, every point we play.  

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